There's No Wrong Time to Eat a Turkey Leg

We sell freshly smoked turkey legs in Jasper, TX

When you're hungry and only a turkey leg will do, come on down to Jasper Quality Meats and Smokehouse. We serve up savory smoked turkey legs every day in Jasper, TX.

Our turkey legs are:

  • Tender: Nothing beats a turkey that's falling-off-the-bone tender.
  • Fresh: Count on our smokehouse crew for the freshest meats.
  • Country smoked: Our smoked turkey legs pack a rich smoky flavor.
Smell that? That's the mouthwatering aroma of a country smoked turkey leg. Visit us today to buy smoked turkey legs for your family.

Sink your teeth into a smoked turkey leg

Sink your teeth into a smoked turkey leg

At Jasper Quality Meats and Smokehouse, we take pride in providing top-tier meats to our patrons.

Don't settle for dry or pre-cooked turkey legs. Satisfy your craving with our freshly smoked meats. Stop by our smokehouse in Jasper, TX today to buy smoked turkey legs.